Step 3


In Step 3, we’ll walk together as a family – worshiping, walking with, and working for Christ.

This step is about continuing to grow spiritually and relationally – in a small group, in rolling up your sleeves through service to Jesus and His church, and in making Harvest your church home. It’s the step that never stops.

Step 3 starts with filling out a Commit Card at the end of Step 2 where you tell us what you are interested in: Salvation, Baptism, Membership, Small Group, Serving. If you’ve taken Step 2 and are ready to become a committed member of Harvest Bible Chapel, we would love to have you join our church family.


Christian baptism by immersion in water is a public identification with Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Water baptism is a public acknowledgment that the person is no longer dead in his/her sins, but now is alive in Christ.


We value an intentional plan to help every interested person enjoy godly relationships in the church. Church membership is a by product of people who are growing in Christ and who grasp the importance of serving the Lord by using their gifts to serve others in the local church.

Child Dedication

By dedicating your child to the Lord, you are acknowledging your need for God in your family. You are inviting God to be active in your family life, submitting your own desires for your child to God’s desires, and making a commitment to raise your child in God’s way.

If you are interested in getting baptized, becoming a member, or dedicating your child, please contact our Campus Pastor Mike Armstrong at

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